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Enhancing the lifestyle, independence and ambitions of people with disability

Homes & Accommodation

Homes & Accommodation

Live with independence 

Help Disability Care offers a range of supported housing and accommodation options to help people with disability live more independently.  
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Long-term Accommodation (LTA)

HELP’s long-term accommodation options give people with disability a supported way to:

  • Discover interests
  • Build friendships 
  • Participate in weekend social activities
  • Undertake daily living tasks

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a service that is funded from your NDIS plan that can be provided to people with disability who are living in HELP’s Long-term Accommodation. HELP offers 24/7, around the clock care via our SIL services including support worker sleepover shifts, and drop-in supports.  

Our goal is to create a safe space for participants to experience life independently. 

Short-term accommodation (STA)

HELP’s Cottage by the sea

HELP’s short-term accommodation site is our cottage by the sea in Scarborough. The Scarborough Cottage is a stone’s throw away from the picturesque bay, making this idyllic location the perfect place to dip your toes into the sea during an afternoon stroll, or throw in a line at some excellent fishing spots. Guests have the option to book anything from an overnight stay to a week-long holiday and are encouraged to chat to the team to organise activities that suit their interests. 

HELP Holidays 

HELP can also provide supports for you to venture out on your own holiday or adventure. We can support you to travel to and from your chosen destination, take part in events or activities that spark your interest as well as support you to enjoy meals out or indulge in some takeaway during your getaway. We support you 24/7 during your holiday and can work with you to provide support throughout your ideal holiday itinerary.  

What’s included? 
Short Term Accommodation (STA) is funded through specific Core Funding in your NDIS Plan. This integrated funding covers: 

  • Our fully furnished Scarborough Cottage accommodation or destination hotel/motel accommodation (to be negotiated)
  • 24/7 support from our trained support workers  
  • All meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner (catered to your dietary requirements)  
  • A range of fun activities including transport (limitations apply)

Housing and tenancy support

With residential properties across the Brisbane region, HELP provides independent living opportunities for individuals with disability. Just like a landlord or building manager, our role is to maintain the physical aspects of the property in order to support our tenants and their individual needs. 


In 2018, HELP acquired Allamanda Disability Housing’s property portfolio. These residences are now a part of the HELP network of supported accommodation. Allamanda is a non-profit charitable organisation that was established in 1992 by parents, siblings and friends of people with disability to establish suitable supported accommodation options. 

Allamanda works in partnership with Queensland’s Department of Housing and Public Works to provide purpose-built housing for people with disability and is registered under the National Regulatory Code of the NRSCH.