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Enhancing the lifestyle, independence and ambitions of people with disability

Community & In-Home Supports

Community & In-Home Supports


We offer flexible community and in-home supports tailored to help you meet your NDIS goals. At HELP, our team of support workers are with you every step of the way.

Together you can:

  • Work towards achieving your personal goals
  • Connect with your community and engage in social outings (e.g. going shopping, going to the movies, having a coffee at a local cafe or going for a picnic with friends)
  • Develop communication, literacy, and numeracy skills
  • Increase organisational, decision making and time management skills
  • Confidently navigate and use public transport
  • Learn to prepare meals and complete household tasks
  • Manage money and budget successfully

Access our community and in-home supports with your ndis plan:

04 – Assistance with social and community participation
/ Access Community, Social And Rec Activities (TTP)


01 – Assistance with daily life / Assistance With Self-Care
Activities (TTP)

Capacity Building

09 – Increased social and community participation /
Skill development and training (TTP)



Find out more about HELP's Community & In-Home Supports in our FAQ