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Enhancing the lifestyle & independence of people with disability

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We have been here, helping people with disability and their families since 1968.

  • Plan their life
  • Grow individual potential
  • Look at next steps after school
  • Get ready for work
  • Find a home and live safely


Each person that we support at HELP is empowered to live their best life, unrestricted and encouraged to achieve all that they are capable of. This is of course made possible by our dedicated staff, who believe in the HELP mission and work hard to make a difference.

part of a bigger picture

Help Disability Care operates as a division of Help Enterprises Limited (registered charity and not-for-profit organisation). At our core, we are a unique, multi-faceted and sustainable enterprise dedicated to one purpose. 


HELP supports people with disability and our communities through a range of specialised services, housing infrastructure, employment within our commercial social enterprise businesses, as well as, assistance to find meaningful work in the open job market. There are various ways in which we can support you.    

Significant growth in commercial and social initiatives have led to HELP’s growth and flexibility in this area, including how we support people with disability now and in the future under a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Whether it is day support, preparing for work, pathways from school, assistance in the home, help for families or community access – our Help Disability Care tailors support to individual needs.

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Learn about HELP

Learn about HELP

Help Enterprises operates very differently, which is evident in our business make-up and diverse range of commercial product and service offerings. The sheer volume of ways in which we can help or work with you is what sets us apart from other social enterprises.