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Equine Learning Programs

McIntyre Programs

our equine learning 

school riding program

Designed for school aged children with disability to participate in weekly therapeutic riding sessions:

  • Benefit from interacting with our McIntyre trained horses.
  • Improve coordination, strength, balance and confidence, which helps young people in the home and at school.

Team mac - Thursday Afternoons

Offering a 90 minute integrated recreational riding program that brings together community riders and riders with disability to learn about horse handling. Come along and develop your horse riding skills in a fun social setting.

Saturday riding program

Giving participants aged 18 years and under a chance to socialise with other riders with disability in a relaxed group setting. Enjoy a 45 minute therapeutic riding session and learn how to interact with horses and other riders through fun activities and mentoring.


A unique service offered at McIntyre Centre that incorporates horses into a person’s physiotherapy needs. Sessions run for 30 minutes and use the natural movement of a horse to engage sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems and achieve physical outcomes for participants with disability.


We take a ‘team approach’ to experiential learning, by incorporating horses and facilitate using Eagala Model’s best practice framework and interventions. Currently run 2-days each week on Tuesday and Thursday's, Eagala offers a truly unique approach to exploring and making changes in your own life, while being supported. Read more.

Wednesday & Friday riding programs

Our one-on-one therapeutic riding sessions for 30 minutes. This is an activity-based session that invites participants to learn basic riding skills, while developing their communication, balance, trunk control, core strength and to develop posture and endurance.

mac's stable groundwork program

Individual and small group-based groundwork and sensory program specifically designed for participants that enjoy working with horses. It is also a good option for people who want to learn about horses but aren’t ready to saddle-up and ride.

  • Horse Behaviour & Safety
  • Horse Handling
  • Stable Management
  • Grooming & Feeding

post-school services program

Supporting young adults with disability to develop independence, self-esteem and everyday life skills through activities including:

  • Riding Lessons
  • Ground Work & Farm Work Programs
  • Support Volunteering Activities