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Equine Programs

McIntyre Programs

our equine learning 

Our equine programs provide equestrian based activities for participants with a disability for the purpose of education, social inclusion and engagement, recreation and therapy. All staff and volunteers undergo training and ongoing professional development.

Programs are comprised of; private, group, mounted or unmounted sessions.

  • Private: one to one with our McIntyre nationally-accredited equine staff
  • Group: Maximum of 4 participants who are individually supported by staff and volunteers under the supervision of our nationally-accredited equine staff.
  • Mounted: Programs that requires a horse to be mounted or ridden during the session.
  • Unmounted: Programs that may use a horse to support the session delivery but are not mounted or ridden.


  • Riding - lessons and equestrian activities weekdays and weekends 
  • Equine Assisted Activities (EAA) – Programs incorporating alternative learning strategies, promotion of social engagement and inclusion and horsemanship skills 
  • Equine Assisted Therapies - involves sessions with horses and/or other equines activities to promote health and wellbeing through therapy  
  • Work Skills – skill development program including paddock & stable care and property maintenance 

PROGRAMS, Pricing & Available Funding

Our equine programs can be purchased through NDIS Plan Line Items under the categories; Core – 'Assistance with Social, Economic & Community Participation', Capacity Building - 'Increased social & Community Participation' and 'Improved Daily Living'.

OR families can also be invoiced separately as a 'Fee for service'