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Eagala equine-assisted therapy

Experience growth and life changing outcomes.

Eagala is the global standard for equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development. The Eagala Model incorporates horses and their special intuition for helping you heal, discover, learn and grow from the horse-human relationship.

Program in action

The Eagala model is a program that interacts with horses on the ground with no riding involved. We take a ‘team approach’ to experiential learning, by working with a Mental Health Professional, Equine Specialist, Horses and the client using standards of practice and a strict ethical code. Our facilitator is skilled at working with you to grow personally. Eagala offers a truly unique approach to exploring and making changes in your own life, while being supported. 

Program benefits

There are many benefits from attending Eagala sessions. Here are just a few:

  • Builds confidence
  • Assists in decision making skills
  • Helps with emotional regulating
  • Builds individualism
  • Helps with traumatic events
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Builds connectivity with others
  • Helps with problem solving 
  • Assists with independence
  • Helps with job readiness 



If you are currently an NDIS recipient, you may be eligible to use your NDIS funding to cover the costs of Eagala sessions under a therapeutic rate. Please use line item number 01_741_0128_1_3  or 15_056_0128_1_3 for this activity. 


Learn more about the Eagala Model at

Eagala sessions

Run 2-days each week on Tuesday and Thursday, with 6 sessions per day from 8:30am - 4:30pm

Location & Bookings:
2963 Moggill Rd, Pinjarra Hills
Call 07 3202 6300 or Register Here



how we use horses

Did you know horses are intelligent animals and highly sensitive to their environments? They are able to instinctively analyse and react to human body language and other nonverbal cues. Horses are able to provide us with invaluable insights about other areas of our lives. There is no riding involved. The Eagala Model is all about engaging with horses on the ground.

Clients are invited to process, reflect, learn and grow through their experiences and interactions with the horses. Eagala transforms lives by engaging people physically, socially and emotionally. We offer a different perspective that supports personal growth and behaviours more aligned to your needs and values.

who can participate?

Eagala Equine Assisted Therapy is available to anyone from 6 years and upwards. Eagala is facilitated by a trained Eagala specialist, an equine specialist and our trained horses. Sessions are available for individuals or groups.

steps to enrol


If you are interested in participating in our Eagala program at McIntyre Centre, please get in touch to learn more or register today. Once you have registered your interest below, we will send through further information and contact you to check eligibility.

Please click the 'Register Now' button or email:

meet the facilitator

michele black

Pacific Region Director for Eagala Global

Michelle is a certified Eagala model professional, incorporating the Eagala model within her practice, programs and consulting since 2014. Michelle is passionate about experiential, solutions focused development for lasting change. As the Founder of Elegrow, Michelle is an Organisational Development Consultant, Educator, Coach and Counsellor with over 20 years’ experience transforming people, and behaviour in organisations and private practice. Underpinning her experience, Michelle has a Master of Counselling, Graduate Certificate in Corporate Management, Diploma in Neuro Coaching, is a registered counsellor with the ACA, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development and professional member of the Australian HR Institute.

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