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Our Programs

Our Programs

Program overview

McIntyre Centre provides a range of equine assisted programs and therapies for participants to learn new skills, practice communication techniques, and improve their mental and physical wellbeing.


  • Mounted: Mounted programs are skill-based and require a horse to be mounted or ridden during the session. Program participants are supported by staff and volunteers under the supervision of our nationally accredited equine staff. Lessons and equestrian activities are available on weekdays and weekends.
  • Equine Assisted Activities (EAA): Non-ridden sessions incorporating alternative learning strategies, promotion of social engagement and inclusion, and horsemanship skills. This program is further broken down into the following session types; 

Sensory - A program specifically designed using alternative learning strategies, to promote cognitive, language, and emotional development, problem-solving and creativity skills, fine and gross motor skills.

Unmounted – Specifically designed for participants that enjoy working with horses but may not be ready to saddle up and ride. It includes activities such as grooming, horsemanship, nutrition, and stable management.

Horsemanship (Advanced) – This program is designed for those looking to challenge their pre-existing horsemanship skills. It will look at more advanced skills and develop an understanding and bond with your horse.

  • Work Skills: skill development program including property and herd management, stable care, and property maintenance. 

Farmwork – Provides participants with work skills in a supported environment.  Sessions are delivered by an Equine Support Worker in conjunction with experienced stable hands at the McIntyre Centre. Sessions run Monday to Friday with a maximum of 4 participants. Participants are required to bring their own snacks and lunch.


  • Equine-Assisted Therapies: Involves sessions with horses and/or other equine activities to promote health and wellbeing. All therapy sessions are delivered by trained Equine Therapists.There are two types of therapy available at McIntyre Centre including; 

Physiotherapy – Incorporates horses into individual participants' physiotherapy needs. It uses the natural movement of a horse to engage sensory, neuromotor, and cognitive systems and achieve physical outcomes for participants with disability. This can be mounted (Hippotherapy) or Unmounted (Physiotherapy).

Mental Wellbeing Program –  This is a truly unique approach to therapy that helps participants to explore their emotions and make positive changes in their life. Our experienced Equine Therapists use a range of activities such as horse handling, grooming, and groundwork to develop participants' skills, improve their mental wellbeing, and help them achieve their personal goals.

PROGRAMS, Pricing & Available Funding

For NDIS participants: Programs and Therapies at McIntyre Centre can be purchased through your NDIS Plan Line Items under the categories; Core – 'Assistance with Social, Economic & Community Participation', Capacity Building - 'Increased social & Community Participation' and 'Improved Daily Living'.

For independent participants/clients: Families can also be invoiced separately as a 'Fee for service'.

*Please note some Programs and Therapies may incur out of pocket costs and/or non face to face charges. Speak to our team to find out more. 



If you are interested in participating in our McIntyre Centre programs, please phone 07 3868 1765 or email us at to find out more.