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School Leaver Employment Support

SLES - school leaver employment support

We support youth with disability to prepare for employment prospects after school.

Is your dream to be employed... have you got aspirations to find a job after school? We can help give you the skills and confidence to move from school to paid work!

SLES is funded by the Federal Government's National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Make sure you discuss what type of supports are needed for you to achieve your employment goals at your NDIA planning meeting. Check your NDIS plan for eligibility, under Capacity Building (3.10) or contact us for help.

Your journey to work

Get assistance from our Inclusive Employment Team to enable your pathway to work. Our discovery process helps us understand your unique needs, to help you reach your sustainable employment goals. HELP engages eligible NDIS participants with SLES funding.

We offer individualised support for up to 2 years, to assist with enabling your readiness and help you build your confidence. Our team works closely with you to help you develop your goals, enabling you to find and keep a job. SLES is an amazing opportunity to try a range of different employment options and find out what career is right for you!

Job ready workshops

  • Travel training, time management and money handling skills
  • Relationship building, taking instruction and communicating
  • Job-site training and trials
  • Extended work experience (typically in open employment)
  • Discovery activities and other work readiness workshops

It's important to remember that support for each person might look a little different!

how our program is different to other employment programs

SLES is designed for young people with disability who require a little extra support to reach their employment goals and help them to prepare for work. On our program, you will gain independence and build your confidence in a dynamic and interactive environment.


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Alternatively, you can call us on 07 3868 1765 or email our friendly HELP Intake Team.

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