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Enhancing the lifestyle & independence of people with disability

Homes & Accommodation

Homes & Accommodation

Live with independence

HELP is creating new and exciting opportunities for families to access housing and respite care. We understand just how important certainty for the future and a home to live is for the wellbeing of each individual person. 

Allamanda Disability Housing is a valued service of Help Disability Care offering life-long, permanent housing opportunities, flexible and temporary accommodation arrangements, tenancy support and in-home care.

We encourage families who wish to discuss co-created housing opportunities, in-home support and other arrangements that best suit personal needs, to get in contact.

A Home away from home

With 25 residential properties across the Brisbane region, Allamanda Disability Housing is able to provide independent living opportunities for up to 75 individuals with disability.

  • Life-long and permanent housing opportunities
  • Flexible and temporary accommodation arrangements
  • Tenancy support and in-home care

Short and long stays

We offer a fun experience for people with disability to discover interests and their ability to trial independent living in a supported environment. Individuals are engaged and assisted, while carers have an opportunity to take a break. 

  • Experience independent living in a safe, fun way
  • Explore new interests and talents with away-from-home stays
  • Participate in weekend social activities


Individual and group options available Person identifying with a disability Accessible through Dept. of Communities, fee-for-service arrangement or apply for the NDIS