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Inclusive Employment Supports (IES)

Inclusive Employment Supports (IES)


Inclusive Employment Supports are funded by your NDIS Plan and designed to help you gain confidence and pre-employment skills. HELP provides individualised 1 on 1 supports as well as 12 week programs offered in small groups. Inclusive Employment Supports are specifically tailored to NDIS participants of all ages to help you overcome challenges on the path to employment. We provide support and work with you to build the skills and knowledge you need to get job-ready, and work in your chosen field.


Your Inclusive Employment Supports coach will work with you 1 on 1 to define your goals, identify where your interests and passions lie, and map out the next steps. Once you’ve gotten to know each other your coach will create a custom plan to help you reach your employment goals. Our coaches use a range of targeted, interest-based workshops to build your confidence and develop work-related skills.


Your Inclusive Employment Supports coach will help prepare you for your transition to work.
Together you will:

  • Develop a tailored plan
  • Identify volunteer opportunities and other workplace training
  • Organise Supported Employment trials at HELP sites
  • Explore recreational and social pursuits
  • Build literacy, numeracy, and computer skills

Our activities engage each participant in their own unique way and are designed to maximise participation.


HELP's range of 12 week programs will help you work towards your employment goals, our programs include:

HELP’s Inclusive Employment Supports programs are offered in small groups with a total of three participants to one coach (1:3 support ratio), ensuring you receive the right amount of support every step of the way. 

You can choose to do one program at a time, or participate in a number of programs simultaneously to fast track your progress.



There are two ways to find out if you are eligible for Inclusive Employment Supports with HELP:

  1. You can check your NDIS plan for eligibility under Core or Capacity Building.
  2. Our team can help you navigate the requirements, process, and paperwork for your next NDIA planning meeting in order to secure funding.

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