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Support Coordination

Support Coordination

organise your supports

Our unique Support Coordination service assists people to put their plans into action. We can help you manage your supports in the short and long term. We work together to connect you with providers, community and mainstream organisations including health, training, employment and more!


NDIS plans or self-directed packages provide greater flexibility and choice for you and your family. Managing your plan can feel overwhelming and not everyone has the time or confidence to create their own.

Our Support Coordination offers individualised support that suits your needs, assists you to make better choices and helps to best organise your supports. Our team works creatively and resourcefully with you to get the most out of your support budgets, so you can achieve the goals you have for your life.

  • You will need to share your NDIS plan with us, including your goals and funding allocation
  • Agree to a Help Enterprises ‘Agreement of Service’, which sets our roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Work with us to complete an Action Plan, showing how we will work together and achieve your goals


We involve each person and their parents or carers to put together an Action Plan. This is a document that records agreed strategies and steps for reaching your goals. It’s a great tool for recording progress, success and what may need changing. We check the plan regularly, ensuring everything is on track so you can live your best life.